Welcome to our website.

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to our website.  Have a browse to learn about our beers and our vision.  We hope you are as excited about it as we are.  We would like to thank Newbie Media Marketing & Design and Gooddesign Studio on being patient with our team as you worked through to the final product.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our family and friends who have supported us since day one. 


Compass Brewing Team
We give our sincerest gratitude to those who spent many hours at the brewery in order to help us achieve our dreams. Hopefully we can make it feel like home to you all as much as it does to us.
— The Compass Brewing Team

Now we are sure you would all like to know when our doors are opening.  Some of you may have noticed that we’ve recently brewed. While we let that stuff ferment and we get ready for packaging, we are also working diligently at receiving our final permit that allows us to sell the stuff. That being said, it is very difficult at this point to give a hard opening date, but it will be a minimum two weeks after that first brew day.  So check back in a bit for updates.   Ya…this is probably not what you wanted to hear. Sorry...

Your Compass Brewing Team